Reman Group

Company Introduction

         Remanufacturing Group Inc is a in-house re-manufacturing engine company, our main facility is located in Houston, TX. In our production facility as of right now, we have 30 employees working on our production line who can assemble anywhere from 100-150 fully tested reman engines per month.

         We specialize in Hyundai/KIA engines such as: 2006-2015 Hyundai/KIA 2.4, 2010-2018 Hyundai/KIA 2.0T, 2014-2016 Hyundai/KIA 1.6, etc. Not only is our team specialized in Hyundai and KIA, our team is also highly qualified for the following: Toyota, Nissan, Dodge, Ford and GM, as for this production line we have already successfully completed the following: Toyota 2.4, 3.5, 4.0, 4.7 and 5.7; Dodge 2.7, 3.7, 4.7 and 5.7; Ford 5.4 3 VALVE, 5.4 2 valve 4.6 Romeo or Windsor and 5.0; GM 1.4T, 2.2 no sensor HHR, 2.4 direct inject and 5.3 LC9. We only produce engines that we know well, as we are very confident of re-manufacturing them. The quality is our top priority to make our final decision when we re-manufacture engines because, we know how important the stability of the product means to our customers. In our Houston office, we have our sales department, warranty department, and warehouse.  All of our engines will be sold and shipped from our Houston location, where we also handle warranty problems and core returns. 

Company Mission

          We strive to give our customers the best high quality engines. All of our engines have a standard building process where we test to identify as much issues as possible before we ship out to our customers  at an affordable price.

Specialized Procedures

         We are a mid-size professional Remanufacturing Company who only launch the production lines that we feel 100% confident for while we try to maintain our return rate lower than 10%. In the meantime, we collect data from our problem engines that were sent back to our facility to check for recalls and bulletins made by the manufacturer, to make sure the same issue will not happen again. Our sales team always keep in touch with our customers, with what kind of models they want and what they expect from us. From the information that our sales department collects, we talk with our facility manager to do research and see if we can provide the products. Once the new models pass our quality control test, we launch the new production line to meet our customers’ requirement.

Our service

         Our company has a standard warranty agreement for our customers. Before we ship out any engine, we will go through the warranty requirements and installation procedures with our customers to make sure they understand the agreement thoroughly. When we ship out an engine, we will have the block number or the serial number recorded in our system to track the date, which engine was sold, which one of our personnel re-manufactured the engine, and on the unit itself we have heat tabs to ensure proper use of our engines. Our handling time is important to the both us as our customers in certain circumstances need the engine to be shipped out immediately.  Any order taken before 1:00 PM, we will process the same day and ship out the same day to make sure our customers can get their engines as soon as possible. 

Our Staff

           In our company, we keep everything simple and efficient. Our staff is always ready for our customers for anything they might need. We have a lot of experienced assemblers working for us and we also provide special internal training for our assembly line workers with conferences about the issues we find out or the new models we need to work on.